Look at me, finally getting all caught up on this blog! I hope you aren’t suffering from Kirstie overload, because I’m back to write about my trip to Amsterdam in April.

The trip started off a bit rocky: we spent the night at the airport (to avoid paying for a taxi since the metro wasn’t open early enough for our flight), which left us all exhausted because it’s not exactly easy to sleep on cold tile floors in noisy public places, Ariel had problems getting to the airport the night before and ended up lost in the middle of nowhere until he finally stumbled upon the airport a few hours later, the next day Continue reading  

Travel plans

As first semester is finishing up, travel plans for next semester are falling into place, and it looks like I have plenty more amazing travels ahead!

  • My mom and Valerie will be here in mid-February (after finals), and we plan to take a few daytrips to cities near Madrid, like Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, etc. The only nearby cities I’ve seen so far are Segovia and Aranjuez, so it will be awesome seeing more of the area.
  • Connie and I are going to Valencia in mid-March for Las Fallas, the city’s major festival. I have yet to see Valencia (which I hear is really nice), and it will be super cool to be there for Las Fallas. Continue reading  

Back in Madrid

Well hello there. Another insanely long period without updating, and I still haven’t posted about most of the trips I took this semester. I’ll get to it soon!

I’m back in Madrid after spending just over two weeks back home in California. I really missed California, and being back there for Christmas break showed me just how justified I had been in missing it. California in general is amazing with its wonderful weather, beautiful sights, and fun places to go, but, to add to that, it’s home, and, well, there’s no place like home. Seeing my friends and family again and visiting Continue reading