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I haven’t been as faithful to this blog recently as I would like to be, distracted by that thing called real life. I know, who chooses real life over the internet? But things are continuing to go splendidly, and more detailed posts about recent trips and adventures are in the works, but here’s some updates about my vida española:

  • I continue to love my job, my school, and my students. Sure, the kids can be a bit rowdy at times, and I’m still getting used to the world of teaching, but, really, this is the life.
  • I’m anxiously awaiting my regional placement for next year. I should be placed in Madrid because I listed it as my first choice and have priority as a renewal, but I won’t assume anything until I have an actual email from the Spanish Ministry of Education.  I’m also dying to know where my friends will be placed. Gah, impatience! And no fixed dates!
  • A few weeks ago, three of my friends and I took advantage of our 5-day weekend and road tripped to Extremadura, visiting the cities of Cáceres, Guadalupe, Trujillo, and Mérida. A fantastic time was had by all.

Hanging out by a 2000-year-old Roman bridge in Mérida, Extremadura

  • My mom and sister visited at the beginning of the month! We were also joined by my mom’s college friend and her son, with whom we took a daytrip to Gibraltar, and later in the week I got to see my aunt and uncle, who came down from Madrid for a day, before we all headed up to Madrid for a fantastic weekend of eating, drinking, and relaxing in — I’ve resisted picking a favorite Spanish city for so long because it’s like choosing a favorite child, but I’m prepared to say it — my favorite city in Spain.
  • This past weekend, a few friends and I flew to Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, and hit up La Coruña and Santiago de Compostela. The weather may have been rather blah, but it was great seeing a new part of Spain.
  • Spring break is about a week and a half away! And I’m going to Istanbul!
  • The weather in Sevilla lately is lovely. Springtime in Andalucía is the best.

More updates soon!

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  1. Glad you love Madrid — makes me feel better about being there next year. So many people are negative about it. Ah well. I really hope you get placed there. Please don’t think me lame for hoping my Internet friend gets placed there, but whatever, I’ll own it: I’m lame. 🙂

    • Kirstie says:

      Not lame at all — that makes me happy! 😀 I’d love to meet you (and Mario) if (when?) I get there!

      Most of the negativity about Madrid I’ve heard has been from people who visited for a few days as a tourist, not people who have lived there, and I do think it really is a city that’s hard to appreciate as a tourist and easy to fall in love with as a resident. Plus, it’s such a big city (yet still feels relatively small in the ways that you want it to be small), that you’re bound to find an area/group of friends that suit your personality. I think as long as you go into it with a positive mindset, you’ll love it too! And even if you don’t, you’ll be there with Mario!

  2. Gammy says:

    I am always SO happy to hear of your latest adventures! You take me right there! The picture of you is beautiful! You look so happy! I’ll look forward to hearing that you received the placement! Love you So much~ Gammy

  3. Cassandra says:

    Any word yet on the placement? I adore living in Madrid and hope you can also enjoy this lively city!!

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