Racing through Sydney Harbour on a Jet Boat Thrill Ride

I’ve seen Sydney Harbour from my first bedroom in Sydney, from rotating bars, from sunset picnics across the bridge, and from quite a few boat rides. I’ve boated around on ferries, a VIP party cruise, old sailing ships, and whale watching tours, but sailing around the harbor never seems to get old. Nonetheless, one mode I hadn’t tried was jet boat.

Sydney Harbour

I’ll take whatever views of this place I can get.

Since moving to Sydney, I had seen the jet boat rides offered around Sydney Harbour, but I had never really thought to give one a try. Two weekends ago, though, I exchanged a Tinggly voucher for a new adventure, a thirty-minute thrill ride around the harbor.

Grey skies may not have made the world’s most beautiful backdrop for the ride, but I was prepared to get drenched anyway, so I embraced the dreariness, glad to at least have some respite from the wild storms that had recently hit Sydney, and headed to Circular Quay. We were given ponchos to ward off some of the splashes that were to come, briefed on safety instructions, and then we were off!

Looking fly in my poncho.

Looking fly in my poncho.

With upbeat tunes (or chunes, as they pronounce it here) blasting through the boat’s speakers, we cruised past the Sydney Opera House and accelerated until we were flying by Sydney’s shores at top speed. Just as we began to relax, the driver jerked left, spiraling us into a soaking 360. For the next half hour, we jetted around the harbor, racing, spinning, and splashing, like the world’s most scenic roller coaster.

I kept my camera safely and dryly stored, so just pretend one of these is me! (photo credit)

I kept my camera safely and dryly stored, so just pretend one of these is me. Maybe one of those bald guys in the back. (photo credit)

The jet boat really was the adrenaline-pumping thrill ride they offered, although, for those less gutsy, it’s nothing you can’t handle. The rushing wind took me back to the complete bliss of my summers racing down the Colorado River, so I couldn’t help but smile for the entire thirty minutes.

Not a bad way to pass a rainy Sunday!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Tinggly voucher, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Kathy Jeffries says:

    That sounds awesome! Something to look forward to next time I visit Sydney!

  2. Johannes says:

    What a great adventure! I was amazed when we went from Sydney to Manly during a storm but that sounds really great!

  3. Petra says:

    I am both saddened and frightened to learn that seafaring entertainment companies are trivializing the brave work of the men & women of NATO forces. You think you’ll just have a grand-old time getting a maritime “thrill” but what you’re really doing is spitting on the legacy of our proud fighting navies.

    There’s nothing “thrilling” about going fast in the water when you’re being chased by a speedboat of bloodthirsty pirates. Or when you’re battling off a mutiny. Or when your best friend dies of scurvy… These are the real challenges that I have faced in my career.

    You remind me of a family that my shipmates and I encountered while patrolling Lake Sacondaga with the Western New York Volunteer Navy. They were going at excessive speeds and blasting music far too loud so we had to board them. After we’d subdued their dog, we were forced to issue military justice to the family by throwing them overboard and seconding the ship for our own purposes. We also impressed a young lady into service aboard our ship.

    I hope to one day do the same to this jet boat.

    May the wind never be at your back,

    Vice Commodore Roderick Spode
    Western New York Volunteer Navy

  1. September 2, 2015

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