The New Venga, Vale, Vamos

Welcome to the new and improved Venga, Vale, Vamos! You may notice, first, the new layout, but, even more excitingly, a change of address!

That’s right, my blog is no longer located at six months after leaving Spain but now has it’s own domain,

Sydney calls for an address change.

All right, Sydney, I’ll give you that much needed address change.

So update your links, and if you haven’t already, subscribe by entering your email address to the right, like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter.

Look forward to lots more from this blog in the coming months as I continue loving life in Australia!

4 Responses

  1. Pedro Meca Garcia says:

    hey your website looks great with the change, but please don’t load it much! i’ve always liked it because it looks simple but nice and cosy at the same time.

    as for the venga, vale y choose three words that have lots of usages, say, come on, okay, let’s go, right, quick!, i see it, shall we go..? etc good words!

    • Kirstie says:

      Thanks, Pedro! What do you mean by “don’t load it much”? Do you mean don’t put too much content on it?

      Yep! When I was studying in Spain a few years ago we always joked that Spaniards always said that phrase (even though I usually hear them separately), and I figured it was nice and alliterative, plus seemed to fit with the travel theme!

      • Pedro Meca Garcia says:

        what i mean is don’t load it with things that may turn your blog into an artificial and too perfect blog with lots of things that also may make scrolling up and down go slower.

        sometimes i see blogs with so many things round blog posts that my eyes get stressed, and it may take longer to scroll down so i just get tired and leave it.

        anyway this is just my opinion, and who am i but one follower?

        the word “vale” can also be used to describe “get it?” as in “no quiero que bebas mas cafe, vale?” (i don’t want you to drink more coffee, get it?)

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