How to Learn Another Language While Traveling the World

Whether you’re interested in learning a foreign language for business purposes or just because you’re a linguaphile like me (because, seriously, how much fun is it to speak multiple languages?), there’s no denying that one of the best ways to become a polyglot is to do so abroad. Or if you’re traveling anyway, why not teach yourself a language on the road? Here are a few tips for maximizing your language-learning experience through travel.

Think I can manage to learn all of these languages eventually? (At the UN Headquarters in Geneva last year)

Think I can manage to learn all of these languages eventually? (At the UN Headquarters in Geneva last year)

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Travel-Themed Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Adventurers

The holidays are fast approaching (can you believe it?), so if you’re looking for inspiration for what to get your travel-addicted friends and family (or even if you just want to treat yo’ self!), here are a few travel-related items I love from around the web.

Travel Christmas gifts
Map Watch – $12

When you’re on the go and don’t want to miss your next train, keep on schedule with this colorful watch (and practice geography simultaneously?). Continue reading  

Why Am I Not Traveling the World? Oh, Right…

A little over a year ago, I shared a post called “Why AREN’T You Traveling the World?” Now that I’m more familiar with the world of travel blogs, I realize there are a million posts like it, encouraging readers to get up, get out, and see the world, because, well, they would be crazy not to, wouldn’t they? Love those posts or hate ‘em, I wrote mine not so much with the intention to prove a life-altering point or to win new readers – at the end of the day, this blog was started primarily to keep a personal record of my life and to update far away family members on my goings on, and that post was nothing more than another outlet of self expression, a personal snapshot of the optimism I was feeling about life at the time.

Taking in Waikiki's sunset in Hawaii on the eve of flying to Sydney for the first time

Taking in Waikiki’s sunset in Hawaii on the eve of flying to Sydney for the first time

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Ahh, the Joys of Discount Airlines!

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t spend at least a few moments missing my past life in Europe. But if there’s one thing I don’t miss in the slightest, that I’m entirely glad to be away from, it’s my constant experiences with discount Europen airlines, namely everyone’s most hated name in travel, Ryanair.

On board a Ryanair flight to Brussels in December 2009. Smooth sailing?

A rant against Ryanair? What a novel concept in the travel blogosphere! Yes, you may have heard it before, but, after years of railing against the airline to anyone who would lend me an ear, I figure it was about time to dedicate a blog post to some of my most frustrating experiences with various discount airlines. Continue reading  

Let the Countdown Begin! Fun Facts about Fiji

About a year ago, I moved into my current apartment and met my to-be (and now former) roommate, who was born and raised in Fiji. Before I even moved in, he and his friends invited me over to drink kava (more on that later) as he shared videos, music, and information about his homeland. Fiji sounds like a paradise, but it had always been a distant, overlooked travel destination in my mind until that night, when I was blown away by Fiji, and the island nation jumped toward the top of my bucket list.

I mean, how could it not be? (photo credit)

I mean, how could it not be? (photo credit)

So it was just my luck that when booking flights home to California for Christmas, the least expensive ones were on Fiji Airways with a layover in Nadi, on Fiji’s main island. I quickly determined that I would be able to extend that layover from a few hours to a few days, and, thus, I went from thinking I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in any new destinations for a while to planning an absolutely alluring trip to the South Pacific. Continue reading  

5 Haunted Forests That Will Give You Goosebumps

While the Southern Hemisphere’s blossoming flowers and sunny weather may not be putting me in Halloween spirits (pun intended) as much the chilly, dark evenings I’m used to in October would, it’s still one of my very favorite holidays. Today’s spooky guest post has me dying (intended again) to explore some of the world’s most haunted forests.

5 Haunted Forests That Will Give You Goosebumps

Halloween is nigh, and its entourage of ghosts and goblins is preparing to descend on your neighborhood in search of sugary treats. But where do the paranormal citizens reside when they aren’t hoarding sweets or pelting houses with eggs? Continue reading  

8 Favorite Memories from My First Year in Australia

The sad thing is, on the nights when I come home from work too exhausted to do much more than sink into my bed, watching Gilmore Girls while eating raw cookie dough, or on winter weekends when it’s too cold and rainy to go beyond my block, or on those days where all I can do is long for Spain and a return to exotic travel, I lose sight of the fact that it’s actually pretty darn cool here. When a destination stops being a vacation and starts being your regular, adult, full-time working home, it’s easy to take it for granted.

Sydney, Australia - O Bar

Even this.

But when I started contemplating a post to celebrate my one year anniversary in Australia (which was the 28th of September), looking back on the moments I’ve loved most in this past year, I suddenly remember how much I’ve enjoyed it. Here are some of the memories from year one that I cherish most. Continue reading  

5 Cities I’d Revisit in a Heartbeat

You know that age old question, “Do you live more in the past, present, or future?” I find it tricky to answer, as I do a mix of all three, until I realize just how ridiculously often my mind plays clips of trips gone by and cities I’ve fallen in love with. Yes, I am living in Australia (and often loving it), but travel results in your head always being in a different place!

Take me back to chillin’ like a villain in Maui as a wee one

Cassandra of Gee, Cassandra has nominated me to list five destinations I’ve visited and would love to return to. I’ll say before I begin that I disqualified Madrid and Sevilla, as, although I cannot wait to go back, because I’ve lived in both, nowhere can compete. Narrowing it down to just five was tricky, but, in no particular order, here we go! Continue reading