El Twee-Tair

Many of you have already seen this on Facebook or Twitter, but I’ve launched a new Twitter account specifically to document my adventures in Spain!

As I found the last time I was in Spain, writing full blog posts was time consuming, and I often went weeks or even months without updating my readers, so this will allow you guys to stalk me better! Who wouldn’t want that? There are also thoughts/links/videos I want to publish somewhere, but it’s too brief for a full blog post, so Twitter definitely comes in handy with that. It’s also a great way to meet and chat with fellow auxiliares/ex-pats/travel enthusiasts.

My new account is @KirstieTravels, so if you’re on Twitter, follow me there! If you’re not (I’m looking at you, family), no worries, you can still keep up with my updates either by visiting twitter.com/KirstieTravels occasionally or checking out the Twitter feed that’s now in the sidebar of this blog, over there to the right.

Also, please enjoy my stunning Photoshop masterpiece above.

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