Mi Piso

I thought the search for an apartment here in Sevilla would be killer. It was super easy for me in Madrid because I loved the first one I saw, but I knew I had just been lucky, and after hearing everyone on the Facebook groups complaining about how hard piso-hunting was turning out to be, I was not looking forward to it. But I happened to, once again, love the first place I saw, and now here I am with my very own room in Sevilla!

I live with two Venezuelan girls (who I really like so far!) and their dog Fito in a neighborhood called Triana. It’s an adorable area with small, winding, cobblestone streets that seems more quiet and laid-back than a lot of the other areas, it’s super close to the river (which I adore), and, best of all, it’s just a ~15 minute walk to the bus station I’ll be leaving from for work. Here‘s the Wikipedia article if you want to know more!

And now, a photo-tour of my new place.

The apartment exterior. On the bottom floor is a store that, from what I can tell, does framing (and perhaps art as well?).


The view down the street in one direction.

And in the other direction.

I love our stairs.

Entering the apartment.

The kitchen.

One of our two internal patios, which I love!

Living room.

My bedroom!

Fito! Poor guy's wearing a cone right now because he was recently neutered.

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much for letting us tour your lovely apt! It looks so nice and comfortable! The tiles are so pretty The blue ones look similar to the ones in our front BR. The dog is a cutie and looks friendly! Thanks for sharing! I love you mucho!

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