More Layout Musings

I spiced up the layout a little bit, turning the plain yellow background into a striped yellow background, making the navigation links a bit more visually appealing, adding that little blurb up there, and adding borders to the center column (hmm, I can’t decide if I like that or not), so it’s a little nicer now, but I’m still having issues.

The layout is now visible in 1024×768 resolution, fortunately, although it doesn’t look as good because the right sidebar is cut off.  The problem is that something about the WordPress content coding makes this middle column have a fixed width (in the sense that a smaller browser does not shrink the width of the blog content), and I can’t figure out why that is exactly.  Also, because of that, this layout fails miserably in 800×600 resolution.  However, I’m hoping that’s okay, because who uses 800×600 these days anyway?  When I send an email giving everyone a link to this blog, I’ll inform them that 800×600 is so ten years ago.

Also, I tried putting a subscribe option at the top of the blog, using dynamic sidebars, but something about editing the functions.php file messes everything up and prevents me from logging into WordPress.  Odd.  I’ll keep working with that, though.

Oh!  The other thing is that in order to make this visible in 1024×768, I had to un-fix that image on the left, so it now scrolls when you scroll the page.  I liked it better before, but I haven’t figured out a way to fix that without screwing up the sizing.  We’ll see.

I would love to incorporate sIFR into this layout, but it’s new to me, and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  The Garamond titles doen’t work super well with the Candela font used elsewhere in the layout.

So the layout isn’t great yet, but it’s getting there.  Like I said before, I’m just happy to have a WordPress layout on here that I made myself.

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