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So, as if it weren’t cool enough that I’m living in Spain, here are the epic things I have planned for the rest of 2009:

  • Amaral (favorite Spanish musical group) concert on October 23rd
  • Trip to northern Italy November 5th-9th (I just booked the tickets tonight! So excited! Italy was the #1 country I wanted to visit while here!)
  • Free trip through EAP to Córdoba and Granada November 13th-15th
  • Dad, Andrea, Ean, Dylan, Sara, and Rachel coming to visit November 18th-24th
  • Claire, Austin, and Michael coming to visit (plus Sara – Hollar, not Jeffries as mentioned in the last bullet point – coming up from Córdoba) for Thanksgiving
  • Trip to Paris with Sara December 17th-20th (we still have to make plans, but we’ve set aside that weekend for that)
  • Home to California for Christmas break
  • Plus all the mini-trips within Spain I’ll probably be making. Speaking of which, I’ll need to write about yesterday’s daytrip to Segovia soon. And I still have yet to write about Ireland!

Aaand, after that, I still have six months left in Europe during which I’m sure I’ll do tons of other epic stuff. Ridiculously awesome.

Now if only I could figure out who’s blasting Celine Dion music at 3am. Or why I’m still up at this time with nothing to do. Since I need to practice my Italian before I go, ciao ragazzi!

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