Sydney: Twelve Days In

Well hellooooo readers, and I apologize for the long absence, but I’ve just been doing this crazy thing called picking up and moving to Sydney, Australia. And here I am!

Fireworks over Sydney Harbour for the Fleet Review this past Saturday

Fireworks over Sydney Harbour for the Fleet Review this past Saturday

Not gonna lie, the first few days were tough. Really tough. Coming here with no job, no apartment, and no friends, I figured it would be a little rough at first, but for a couple of days, I couldn’t shake the deep feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’d made a huge mistake. GOB Bluth levels of huge mistake. I was lonely, my hostel was uncomfortable, I had no reliable wifi, everything seemed crazy expensive, and the job and apartment hunt was hopeless. What on earth had I been thinking deciding to come here?

But I remembered that I had similar feelings when I first arrived to Madrid in 2009 and Sevilla in 2011, so this too would pass. And it did. The job and apartment hunt continued to be insanely stressful, but I started making friends, learning my way around the city, adjusting to the prices, and settling in with necessities like a phone plan and transportation pass. I met with a temp agency a friend at the hostel recommended, and two days later I had a one-day temp gig (and since then two more days of work). Doing office administrative temping may not be my dream, but it’s work, so I’ll take it for now while I continue searching for the perfect job in my field, digital marketing (hey, anyone want to hire me?).

Just call me Ryan the Temp. But I didn't start the fire.

Just call me Ryan the Temp. But I didn’t start the fire.

After seeing a gazillion rooms that you couldn’t pay me to move into, on Monday, I moved into an apartment! I’m right in Circular Quay, about as central as you can get, and I have ridiculous views and a pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, and squash court in the building. I live with a Polish guy and two French girls, all of whom seem great so far, and I’m just ecstatic to have my own space rather than living out of my suitcase, as I’ve done for about 80% of the past three months.

The view from my room. I'll take it.

The view from my room. I’ll take it. That’s the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the left and the top of the Sydney Opera House in the center.

Ah, and let’s not forget to mention the weeks leading up to my arrival in Sydney! A month at home in California, spending time with friends and family and eating all my favorite American foods, visiting San Francisco, touring Google, finally returning to my beloved Disneyland, attending the Emmys, and more fabulosity. Then I had a three-day layover in Hawaii (for no extra charge!), which was beautiful and amazing, even if I did lose my point-and-shoot camera (thank goodness I still have my DSLR). Being home was wonderful, and I’m glad I have such a fantastic country to return to when I finish my travels.

Reunited, and it feels so good.

Reunited, and it feels so good.

Finding full-time employment and figuring out the rest of my life here will continue to be a struggle, but I’m optimistic. Here’s to the start of a new adventure!

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Way to go, Kirstie!! It’s never easy to move to a new place, and it sounds like you have been doing a valiant job getting in the swing of things. Good luck with the continuation of your job search!

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