3 Years

Half of these post titles seem to be a period of time.

But 3 years refers to the fact that three years ago today was the day I returned from Spain.  In some ways, I can’t believe it was that long ago, but, in other ways, it does seem ages ago.  And I have that trip to thank for my love of the country and my decision to go back there for an entire year.  That month truly was the best month of my life, and I’m expecting my next year to be even better.

But, yeah, wow. Three years I’ve been dying to return to Spain. Less than a month until I do. I love my life.

Also, the EAP office set up a Facebook fan page for people studying abroad in Spain next year, and I posted a link to my Complutense group there, and we went from three members to fifteen! So I can Facebook stalk the people with whom I’ll be living my first month!

It so has not fully hit me yet that I’m going.

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