Sólo queda un mes

Today is July 19th.

I fly to Spain August 19th.

That means I have one month until I go.

Really?  How did we get here already?  “Maybe I’ll get to come back here my junior year of college, three years from now!” seems so recent.  And now I have a month left of living in L.A. before I move to Spain for almost a year.

And my feelings are very, very mixed right now.  Up until, I don’t know, a month ago or so, it’s been, like, 95% excitement, and now I’m actually starting to get a bit anxious.  The majority of my favorite people are here in L.A. (or at least in California or the U.S.), and I’m moving almost 6000 miles away from all of them.  Thank goodness, at least, for Skype, email, AIM, and the like.

And to add to that, as much as I enjoy disagreeing with our government’s actions, the United States is actually a pretty awesome country, especially because it’s what I know and what I’m comfortable with.  I’m moving to a place where peanut butter costs $10, cookie dough seems like a preposterous idea, and Bert and Ernie are renamed Epi y Blas!  Oh, and they speak an entirely different language.

I’m definitely going outside my comfort zone (well, okay, I’m moving to a civilized European country, not a remote village in Africa, so it could be worse, but still), and that will definitely be a good thing, but it’s also rather scary now that I’m actually about to leave.

But Spain is going to be the most amazing experience of my life, I know it.  I fell head over heels in love with this country when I lived there for a month three summers ago, and I’m so happy to be returning, because, seriously, Spain is fabulous for a multitude of reasons.  I know it’s going to be wonderful.  It’s just that I’ve spent the last three years thinking about how excited I am to go, so I need to let the scared/nervous/anxious thoughts swirl around in my brain for a little while.

OMG SPAIN.  It’s going to be the most insane feeling when I get there.  I had a dream a few weeks ago that I arrived and started sobbing tears of happiness (which made my bus driver very worried about my mental health). I doubt it will be that extreme, but, considering how obsessed I’ve been with this country for the past few years of my life, it’s going to be very, very odd.  AND, ADFKJFDLSFA, I CAN’T WAIT.

Oh!  Also!  I haven’t mentioned this here yet, but Amaral, my favorite Spanish group ever, is performing in Madrid on September 11th and 12th!  Totally going to see them.  I’ve been dying to see them in concert for forever, but barely anyone knows them here.  So awesome.

This post includes way too many adjectives like “awesome” and “amazing,” but, hello!  It’s Spain!  What else do you expect?

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