Great Celebrity Sighting or Greatest Celebrity Sighting?

Basically, yesterday was too good to be true.

Right after I was celebrating the placement of two good friends in Madrid alongside me, I left my house and, a few minutes later, guess who I ran into?


That’s right, the mother-effing DUQUESA DE ALBA!!!!! My heroine! For those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to know about this fine lady, she’s a billionaire Spanish duchess who resides primarily in Sevilla, is the most-titled person in the world, and, well, is stunningly gorgeous, but I don’t need to tell you that.

My friends and I are a bit obsessed with her, and we’ve been dying to see her all year. In fact, we had planned to visit her palace on Sunday and leave our calling cards, but rain got in the way. We did, however, see a sort of kind of Duquesa lookalike in Marbella?

Maybe? If you squint? Or perhaps it's just typical old lady hair?

And then, there I was, walking down Calle O’Donnell, and I spotted her. My heart caught in my throat, and I froze. I wanted to take a picture of her but was too flabbergasted (and it would have been too obvious), so I settled for the mental picture instead. She kind of just looked like any normal old lady, slightly less ugly (er, I mean beautiful) with sunglasses on, shopping with a female friend. No one even seemed to notice her! Perhaps Sevillanos get their fair share of Cayetana sightings, but I about died.

Be still, my heart.

So, let’s just say, with less than two weeks left in lovely Sevilla and 3.5 weeks until I go home to California, things are kind of really, really awesome at the moment.

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  1. Nana says:

    A truly odd-looking person, I have to say! Is she very, very old? Has she had “work” done on her face? I think I need to Google her! Anyway, glad you managed this sighting before your departure. Safe travels home, Sweetie. Won’t be long now! Great to see your mom and Valerie and Jim, albeit for a very short time.


    • Kirstie says:

      She’s 86, and I can’t imagine she hasn’t had work done. Oh my, that photo you emailed me is burned into my brain permanently.

  2. Fiona says:

    Wow, that is a good celeb sighting! Her companion was probably Carmen Tello, wife of Curro Romero, who is a very loyal friend, was madrina at her wedding, and often goes out with her. I’m a fellow Cayetana fan – I’ve interviewed her, and I saw her twice last year, all blogged needless to say. One time was in the crowds outside her palace on her wedding day – that was something else.

    • Kirstie says:

      Ah, perhaps! I didn’t get a good look at her, but that would make sense. Wow, I’m jealous you interviewed her! She’s quite the character.

  3. Kathy says:

    Hard to imagine that there’s someone else on the streets of Sevilla or Marbella or anywhere else that looks like her!

  4. Michal says:

    HAHAHA this is hilarious!! i recently found out who she was by reading DailyMail and i love that your reaction would be the same as mine!!! so great 🙂

  5. That really brightend my day to know that you had that experience! I will be anxious to hear all about it when you get home. Have a good safe trip home. I love you very much!

  6. Jessica says:

    Hahaha I love the Duquesa too! Even though she represents lots of things I very much disagree with, just one look at her hair makes me smile. That’s so cool you got to see her in person. Do you have one of those “I <3 DQS" shirts?

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