Hello! I’m in Lisbon, Portugal right now, and my hostel has a computer with free internet, so I thought I’d stop by and say hi. Unfortunately, this computer is working terribly and I can’t connect to most of the sites I’d like to visit, so I probably won’t be online long.

The reason I’m at the hostel now rather than out exploring is that, long story short, lots of chaos happened this morning, and everyone I was supposed to be traveling here with had to come on a later flight, so I’m here alone for now. I managed to get a taxi from the airport to the hostel, which was a bit of a daunting task since I’m by myself in a country where I don’t know the language, but we more or less communicated using Spanish. The hostel is really cute. The areas of Lisbon we drove through weren’t all that exciting, and, aside  from all the Portuguese everywhere, it looks like it could be part of Madrid. I’m looking forward to exploring the more interesting areas once my friends arrive.

Grr.  This internet is frustrating me, so I think I’ll get off of it. Adeus!

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  1. Nana says:

    Will be interested to hear what you think of Lisbon once you get out and explore. I may set up a Skype account. What is a good time to reach you? Don’t know the time difference between here and Spain but, as you know, it is three hours later here than in CA, so you can do the calculations and let me know. I know how important it is to your mom, dad and sis to be able to talk with you but maybe we can find a time that won’t interfere. The emails will continue, however. Italy in 2+ weeks. WAY too many folks on this trip – 43 compared to 11 last year, but the Amalfi Coast is always one of the most popular trips. We have travelers from at least 8 different colleges this time. Never had more than one other on previous trips. Included is the University of Texas, Austin and Texas A&M. It will be like having UCLA and SC on the same trips except much rowdier, I’m sure. Hope no fist fights break out! Love you! Be safe!

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