Return to Lagos

As last school year was winding to an end, I joined DiscoverSevilla for my second trip to lovely Lagos in southern Portugal. I was charmed by the region last October and was anxious to return.

I made my first trip to Lagos without knowing anyone prior to the trip but quickly made friends within the travel group, but the second time around, I was joined by a friend from my Morocco trip (also with DiscoverSevilla!), Alex, which made the weekend all the more fun. Upon arriving in Lagos, we explored the striking grottoes on foot before checking into our huge hotel room and heading to the nearby beach, one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

Hey, Lagos, could you try to be a little prettier?

Back at the hotel, I was thrilled to discover in my inbox an email granting me a position in Madrid this year, news that undoubtedly made an already awesome trip all the more awesome. Like on the previous trip, the group then took a bus to Cabo de São Vicente, which, once upon a time, people thought was the edge of the world. There, we looked out over the vast ocean and took about a bajillion windy photos.

But the highlight of that day was undoubtedly our dinner. Alex and I dined at an American-themed restaurant (cheesy, right?) called Rockefellas that had been recommended by our guides. Perhaps we were starving, perhaps we hadn’t had a good burger in a while, or perhaps they drugged our burgers, topped high with barbecue pulled pork, onion rings, caramelized onions, and other delicious goodies, but, I swear, that was the most delicious meal of my life. There’s no way I can convey just how good it was over the Internet, but we spent the entire meal passionately exchanging hyperboles about just how heavenly our burgers were.

You don’t even know. And the creepy face doesn’t do my excitement justice.

We spent the next day on the beach with the group and ended with a sailboat cruise with unlimited sangría that took us through the grottoes. I had done the same cruise in October, but I was still in complete awe of my surroundings. That night, we had yet another unbelievably delicious burger at a place called Nahnahbah before joining the rest of the group at a bar for a while.

Our final day in Lagos, the weather was perfectly warm and sunny, and we discovered a somewhat secluded beach a bit farther away, enjoying the gorgeous scenery and soaking in the sun until our departure.

A perfect last day in Lagos.

Oh, how nice Lagos sounds now that I’m in cold Madrid, hours and hours away from any beach. Don’t worry, I’m still working on that time machine and teleportation device.

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  1. Gammy says:

    Hi Kirstie! That sounds like a dream trip! It all sounds perfect- right

    down to the delicious hamburgers~ makes my mouth water! I would love to go there! The beach looks ao pretty and the boat ride sso nice! A truly wonderful trip! I’m looking forward to having you home for the holidays! Love you so much!

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