Travel App Reviews: Booking Flights, Hotels, and Cars through Webjet

Imagine this: it’s been a long week in the corporate world, and I’ve been plugging away at my job, stuck at my desk despite sunny views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge out my window. My mind starts to wander, thinking back on some of my favorite travel plans in years past, fantasizing about where else I can explore, and wistfully scrolling through travel blogs. There’s no conceivable way I could actually get away from the office in the near future, but, before I realize what I’m doing, I’ve pulled open a travel search site and am figuring out just how much it would cost me to hop on a plane to Boracay tomorrow.

Boracay, Philippines

A girl can dream, right? (photo credit)

It’s become a habit, but it’s one I have to say I love. If I can’t really travel at this moment, why not at least pretend? As silly as it is, flight/hotel search sites have become regular stomping grounds for me, both for fantasy purposes and also when I’m actually planning that next trip. So when Webjet invited me to try their mobile app, I figured it was right up my alley.

Webjet is an Australian travel booking website, and their free app allows users to compare airfares, hotel deals, and car rental rates around the world, making it a handy, one-stop travel booking app. Webjet searches through other providers’ fares to provide you with the cheapest and best options for each. From there, you can easily and quickly book the flight directly through the app.

Webjet Mobile App

Flight and hotel searches for upcoming trips I’m pretty thrilled about.

I frequently use the Skyscanner app, and one of my favorite features in that one is being able to choose “Everywhere” as a destination to find the cheapest flights in the world for any given date. Another is their calendar view that compares prices over time. Webjet doesn’t yet have these capabilities, but hopefully they’ll look into adding them in the future.

The Webjet app also features a flight tracker, which allows you to pull up information on any current or upcoming flight, including scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, departure and arrival terminals and gates, and even air speed and altitude (in case you’re a bit of a geek for those things!). Really useful if you’re about to board a flight or pick up a friend from the airport.

Webjet Travel App

Webjet’s flight tracker feature

Note that I haven’t yet booked a flight or hotel through Webjet, so I can’t speak to those services! However, as far as the app goes, while it didn’t totally blow me away (because many of its features can be found in other apps), it’s definitely a solid, easy to navigate resource that keeps many of your travel needs in one place.

The Webjet app can be downloaded free for iOS or Android. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Webjet asked me to write this review, but all opinions are entirely my own, as always!

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  1. Maria says:

    I have never used webjet, only SkySkanner but I might try for the next leg of my travels. And I LOVE travel planning, it’s how I waste so many of my days.

  2. Hey Kristie! I admittedly almost NEVER use travel apps (just because my phone is always too full of photos to leave room for apps) but this one looks pretty legit! Will give it a go the next time I can download anything from the app store haha!

  3. Leticia says:

    I don’t use many travel apps neither, but they can be really helpful to track your reservations and tickets. Never heard of this one, will have to take a look at it 😉

  4. Never heard of it or used it but sounds like one to check out.

  5. Sophie says:

    I love randomly looking up if I can go somewhere tomorrow or next week and sometimes it happens. I ended up in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year because of my random searching on Skyscanner!

  6. Katherine says:

    Great blog…
    Planning a vacation requires a lot of preparation and management. A lot of things need to be coped before going for a holiday. Money and time are the major aspects that play a vital role in the process of preparing for the vacation. I always planned before going to any location.
    Great Sharing 

  7. Franca Whyte says:

    Now this something I haven’t heard of but will surely give it a try. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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