An Exciting Time to be in Madrid

Did you know that Madrid is one of the four finalists for the location of the 2016 Olympics?  Of course, my studying abroad there will be long before that, but the winning bid will be announced October 9 of this year, meaning I’ll be there for all the excitement.  I can imagine people there will go crazy if Madrid wins.

I’ll also be in Spain for at least the beginning of the World Cup, which is really, really awesome.  The World Cup will be hosted in South Africa, I know, but people in Europe get way more excited about soccer than anyone in the U.S.  I know.  I was there for the 2006 World Cup.  And if Spain’s national team is rocking as much as it did in the 2008 Euro Cup (I was in Switzerland for that one so I got to witness the excitement then too), it will be epic, considering how enthusiastic Spanish people were for the France vs. Italy game after Spain got knocked out pretty early on.

So, yeah, definitely looking forward to these things.

I feel like dreams about Spain are ocurring more and more often these days, and I like it.  I had another one last night.

And my official arrival time has now been posted.  Friday, August 20th, between 9am and 2pm is when I will check in.  Dudes, I’m actually going to Spain.  It’s for real.

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