Can’t Keep Me Away

In just over two months, guess where I’ll be headed. The answer is shocking, I know. Back to Spain!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m lucky enough to be returning to Spain to spend another year teaching English as an auxiliar de conversación, this time in the Madrid area. That’s not news to you faithful readers, but what I haven’t shared with you is my new school placement. Adiós, Colegio Azorín, os echaré de menos un montón, but hello to my new elementary school in the Madrid suburb called Alcorcón. I must say, I’m pretty thrilled about my placement.

Auxiliares students

Some of the many kids from my old school I already miss un montón

Alcorcón is just about 20 minutes by Cercanías train or 30 minutes by metro from the center of Madrid, meaning I’ll be able to live smack dab in the middle of my beloved city with a fairly easy commute. I’ve got my eye on living near the Tribunal metro stop, a fabulous, central area, although I’m open-minded. Alcorcón itself, with a population of almost 170,000, is positively ginormous compared to the 2000-person town where I worked last year, Villarrasa.

My new school is a bilingual school, meaning regular classes like math or science are conducted bilingually. Last year’s school, like most schools in Spain, is working toward becoming bilingual, but for now students learn English in separate English classes. Better brush up on my dinosaur facts and multiplication tables, because this is bound to be an exciting, new experience. My new school also appears to be much larger than last year’s 250-student school, which will give an entirely different feel to my job.

I recently purchased my ticket back to Spain, so I will officially be returning on September 25th! I’ve gotta say, I’m enjoying the heck out of being in the States for the summer, but next year is definitely shaping up to be an absolute blast.

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  1. Aunt Valerie says:

    I’m excited for you. Uncle Jim and I will set you up with some local contacts before you go. You never know when knowing someone who works in the senate or knows the King might come in handy 🙂

  2. It is really something that you will enjoy and another exciting period in your life! I will miss you but I will be knowing that you are doing what you love in a place that you love. That is very important! As always,I’ll be with you in spirit, enjoying your travels! I love you so much!

    • Kirstie says:

      I feel the same way! I miss you guys while I’m away, but it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Plus, I still have a few months left before I go, and I’ll be home for Christmas! Love you!

  3. Nana says:

    I am so excited for you and especially that you got such a favorable placement. I am sure your travel excursions will be much simpler from the Madrid area, in addition to it being your favorite Spanish city. I am excited that you and your mom may decide to meet in Italy when she visits. She really does need to see Italy at least once!

    I didn’t realize that you leave for Madrid in late September. I thought it was in late August, but I probably have you confused with Cari. Or, perhaps, I am just confused or I have “Maui brain”! At least the latter can be expected to diminish starting in a couple of days. I hope the recent upsurge in news about the financial crisis in Spain doesn’t impact your plans.

    Perhaps I will make it to Spain one of these days. Regardless, have a grand time, as I am sure you will. I look forward to your postings here and on Facebook. I love you! Stay safe.

    • Kirstie says:

      Yes, I’m really hoping Italy works out! I’ve loved it from my visits there when I was studying in Madrid. Hope Maui was great! Love you!

  4. Cassandra says:

    Yay for your placement! I’m excited that you having another year in Spain, and of course I’m partial to la capital.

    I spent my last two year living in Malsaña, very near the Tribunal metro stop, and loved it. Definitely consider living there, but make sure you get an interior room so as not to hear all of the nightlife which will parade by your front door.

    • Kirstie says:

      When I was first thinking of returning to Madrid, I was fantasizing about living in the Malasaña/Tribunal area, so it’s great that it will probably work out metro-wise! Good tip about getting an interior room (although I didn’t mind living in a noisy part of Sevilla this past year). Is that what you’ve had? Do you get enough light in there? When I was studying in Madrid, my room only had a tiny window to the stairwell, and I realized just how much I appreciate natural light.

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