Christmas in Sevilla is…

  • Weaving your way through seemingly millions of people getting their Christmas shopping on in El Centro
  • Shelves and shelves in every grocery store full of turrones, mazapanes, mantecados, and other Christmas sweets
  • Endless belén (nativity scene) items for sale by the Catedral
  • The thrill of seeing new lights put up by the city on a street you haven’t been down yet
  • Chestnuts roasting on every street corner
  • Cozying up American style on a warm couch in Estarbooks (er, Starbucks), drinking chai tea and admiring the sparkling Christmas lights on Avenida de la Constitución

  • Trying to explain to students that, no, we Americans are not sad and underprivileged simply because the Reyes Magos don’t bring us presents. There’s nothing wrong with Santa!
  • Trying to convince your students of the utter greatness of ‘N Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”
  • Bundling up in multiple coats and scarves for 55-degree weather
  • Finding the caganer in each belén
  • Eagerly anticipating watching Love Actually on the flight home two days before Christmas
  • Christmas girl-talk parties with derailed plans to make mulled wine out of 55-cent boxed wine
  • Warm invitations to teacher Christmas feasts (unfortunately on the day you’re flying home)
  • Ridiculous amounts of English used in storefront Christmas displays
  • Hearing the same English-language Christmas songs played like literally 20 times in a row per class
  • Tacky flashing light displays for sale in chinos
  • The excitement of buying your own fake mini-Christmas tree and setting it up with sparkling lights and ornaments

  • Spanish-language Christmas music that doesn’t make you feel nearly as Christmas-y as the music you know and love
  • Anticipation of the start of ubiquitous rebajas (sales) in January
  • Planning all the things you’re going to do while you’re home for Christmas break
  • Appreciating American Christmas traditions you took for granted as you explain them to your students
  • Trees full of ripe oranges lining every street
  • An adorable Christmas concert performed by your students
  • Being home in California TOMORROW!

2 Responses

  1. As always you had me right there, enjoying it all! Those purple and blue lights are so pretty. Do they go down the entire street? It will be wonderful having you with us again! I love you so much! Have a safe trip home!

  2. Starbucks? You’re lucky. No Starbucks for me in Spain – but it might’ve saved me money!

    I miss chestnuts. My suegro roasted them all. the. time. So yummy!

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