Snapshots from Summer 2012

I tend to focus on my European travels on this blog, neglecting the less exotic — but often equally fun — trips I take in between. So, before I continue writing about my trips abroad this year, I’d like to dedicate a post to the places I traveled last summer. Most may have been nearby destinations I was able to drive to, and I may not have faced culture shock or language barriers, but, nonetheless, this past summer was a blast. Here are a few of my favorite shots from my Summer 2012 travels.

Visiting my pals, the Obamas (and, more importantly, Jed, Leo, Josh, CJ, Toby, and Sam), in DC with my mom and sister.

Hanging with Edgar Allen Poe in Baltimore, Maryland.

It wouldn’t be a proper summer without a one-night trip to Vegas with my best high school friends.

Sipping wine and seeing Ray Davies of The Kinks in Napa after a few fabulous days hanging out in Folsom, near Sacramento.

The world’s most ridiculous sunset during my favorite tradition, our annual Colorado River trip in Parker, Arizona, with my dad, sister, and best friend.

A family reunion followed by a study abroad reunion in beautiful San Diego.

Visiting my best friend (not pictured, although this girl’s also cool!) in San Francisco and then going wine tasting in Napa Valley

Camping with study abroad friends in San Onofre

Then, back to Spain I came, ready to take on another year of exploring overseas!

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