Things I’ll Miss About Madrid

I’m sure I’ll think of a million more items to add to this list, but, for now, some of the things I’ll miss most about this place:

  • Feelings triumphant when I speak Spanish well
  • Traveling almost every weekend for ridiculously cheap prices
  • Cobblestone streets
  • Botellones (and in general being able to hang out in parks all night without the police assuming you’re doing something illegal)
  • Awesome public transportation and the best metro I’ve ever seen
  • 100 Montaditos and its €1 Wednesdays
  • Kebab restaurants on every corner
  • Tortilla española
  • Taking a bajillion photos
  • Meals that last hours because people sit and relax and socialize
  • The general laid-back atmosphere
  • My EAP friends
  • Churros con chocolate
Churros con chocolate, Spain

Churros con chocolate

  • Giving dos besos when greeting people
  • Chinos (the questionably-named stores)
  • Toques, even if regular phone calls are way more convenient
  • Using the word “vale” about every other word
  • Lots and lots of fabulous parks
  • Streets being packed even at 4am
  • Warm summer nights
  • El Rastro
  • People being really passionate about fútbol
  • Being a short walk away from my friends’ pisos
  • Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

Plaza Mayor

  • Having only 12 hours of class a week and virtually no other responsibilities
  • Frequently being called “guapa” by old ladies and creepy men
  • Sangría as an alcohol alternative for lightweights
  • Engrish shirts like Blanco’s “I’m in subconsciusly coastline”
  • Cheap crema al cacao (store-brand Nutella)
  • Being able to walk everywhere important
  • Sol
  • Strangers sounding less ignorant because of the language barrier
  • Everything being much later, like dinner at 10pm and being able to go to sleep late and sleep in
  • Old people who are active and always out and about
  • Jaywalking
  • Being neighbors with the Royal Palace
  • Colloquial terms like “joder,” “hombre,” and “coño”
  • The street signs, each with their own individual artwork
Madrid street signs

A street sign. They may make it difficult to navigate the city, but they’re so cute! (photo credit)

  • Being able to act awkward/foolish/whatever with the excuse that it’s just because I’m foreign
  • Constantly meeting new people from all over the world
  • Planning trips
  • Tapas, especially the free ones they serve with drinks
  • Flamenco music (even if it’s not as common in Madrid as it is in Andalucía)
  • Always feeling pretty safe at any time of day
  • The majority of buildings, even unimportant apartment buildings, looking like architectural masterpieces
  • Walking anywhere and seeing cute restaurant after cute restaurant, unique store after unique store, instead of long stretches of houses or office buildings like we have in the U.S
  • Knowing that this is the best time of my life

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