8 Unique Easter Traditions from around the World

With Easter (and therefore a weekend in Melbourne!) coming up fast, I started thinking about the years I’ve spent the holiday abroad, in Spain, Italy, and Australia, and the traditions I’ve been introduced to in each. Curious about how other countries celebrate, I asked a few fellow travel bloggers about the customs they’ve experienced abroad. Who knew Easter could be so multifarious?

Easter traditions around the world

American-style Easter in Sevilla back in 2012

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5 Haunted Forests That Will Give You Goosebumps

While the Southern Hemisphere’s blossoming flowers and sunny weather may not be putting me in Halloween spirits (pun intended) as much the chilly, dark evenings I’m used to in October would, it’s still one of my very favorite holidays. Today’s spooky guest post has me dying (intended again) to explore some of the world’s most haunted forests.

5 Haunted Forests That Will Give You Goosebumps
Halloween is nigh, and its entourage of ghosts and goblins is preparing to descend on your neighborhood in search of sugary treats. But where do the paranormal citizens reside when they aren’t hoarding sweets or pelting houses with eggs? Continue reading  

Making the Most of Your Trip to Munich, Germany

When guest author Mary Bell approached me about sharing her post about some of the must-sees in Munich, Germany, I couldn’t resist. Although I haven’t yet had a chance to travel there, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the city, and I figured some tips would be useful for when I do get to visit some day. And now for some oohing and ahhing about beautiful Munich.

The Bavarian capital of Munich in southern Germany is an outstanding destination for travel. The bustling city has countless things to see and do; the only problem is squeezing many of its great attractions into one trip. From the biergartens to the beautiful parks, this cultural hub is one of the top modern cities in Europe to see.

(photo credit)

Munich, Germany (photo credit)

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2012: Another Travel-Filled Year In Review

I’ve been extremely fortunate in my 23 (almost 24, gasp!) years of life to travel all over the world. With 2012 at an end, it’s time again to reflect on this past year and all the fabulous opportunities I’ve had.

I kicked off the year at home in California, where I spent a wonderful two weeks reconnecting with friends and family, eating mountains of American food, and visiting all my favorite Los Angeles spots. But soon, I headed back to my beloved Spain to finish my year of teaching in Villarrasa and rediscover beautiful Sevilla.

The aftermath of my favorite New Year’s Eve tradition: driving down the Rose Parade route and getting silly stringed, marshmallowed, and shaving creamed by those camping out for the parade.

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Berlin: Beyond the Wall

After visiting Poland, the next destination on our 6-stop Central Europe was Berlin, Germany. Despite all my travels throughout Europe, I had yet to visit one of the continent’s most popular tourist destinations, and I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.

Our first day in Berlin started grey and rainy, which seemed appropriate for our first stop, the Topography of Terror museum, which somberly reflects on the country’s Nazi history. Walking to the museum, without realizing we were heading toward it, we stumbled upon the Berlin Wall. Though it now is simply a decaying, graffiti-covered, hole-ridden plaster structure, I was immediately overwhelmed by its historical importance. Traveling, you see in person tons of landmarks you’ve read about and seen pictures of all your life, but seeing the Berlin Wall was especially powerful, perhaps partly because running across it took me by surprise, as well as because its history is so recent and relevant.

First sighting of the Berlin Wall

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