Hablamoth athi

The .tk domain no longer works (yeah, figures that dot.tk would start charging right after I register an address), but I may have just accidentally registered kirstiej.com.  Well, the registration wasn’t accidental, but I was supposed to be getting it for $1.19 and I accidentally got it for $10.19.  Blerg.  But if I can’t get a refund, I guess I’ll have an easier way to access this page.  I guess being out $9 isn’t so bad.

I got my official Spain acceptance letter a week or two ago.  Very exciting, even though it was nothing new.  I have to start filling out health forms or something soon.

My Spanish 100A (Morphology & Phonology) class fascinates me, especially when we’re talking about dialects used in España.  Apparently, in Granada, they use kind of a cross between a theta (as in “through”) and an “s” when saying the letters “s,” “z,” and “c” (yes!  even “s!”), which explains why I picked up the strange habit of saying “sí” as a bit of a cross between “see” and “thee.”  Interesting.  But we also learned that they don’t lisp the letters “c” and “z” in Andaluthía, which shocked me.  I could have sworn they did.  Oh well, I’ll be in Madrid where they do the awesome lisp for “z”s and soft “c”s.

I know, this is fascinating.  But, see, the thing is, no one is actually reading this blog right now (or at least I don’t think so — comment if you are), so I can ramble on about anything Spain related I feel like!  Excellent!

Just a little over six months until I leave for mi amor geográfico!  Can you believe that?  Not gonna lie, one of the many reasons I’m excited to go is so that I can start posting real entries here.

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