Countdown to Feria

In one week, I’ll be back in my beloved Sevilla, porque ya huela a Feriaaaaa!

My favorite event of the year, Sevilla’s Feria de Abril, kicks off Tuesday, and I’ll be there for the final few days of it to partake in all the fabulous celebrating for the third time. I fell in love with the festival when I came down from Madrid for it in 2010, and I lived it up as a Sevilla resident last year, complete with my own trajes de flamenca, flamenco dresses. Here I come again! To count down, here are 7 things I can’t wait to experience at this year’s Feria.

Feria 2012

1. Dressing up

I’ll admit that, though I lack the innate sense of traje de flamenca fashion Sevillana women seem to be born with, I’m aware my traje is a bit outdated and probably makes me look super guiri to native Sevillanos. Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to don my long, ruffly dress, giant earrings, and massive flower hairpiece to play the part of a true Feria-goer. Dressing up is always a blast (I mean, hello, isn’t that the real reason we all went to prom?), and it’s even better when you’re dressed in true Andalucían fashion.

Fake Sevillana

2. Dancing watching Sevillanas

So, no, despite my Sevillano friends’ best efforts, I never learned a step of Sevillanas, the 4-part dance that (almost) all Andalucíans dance expertly at their festivals. Even so, the music strikes a chord deep within me, and clapping along as I watch locals step and twirl is  one of the best parts of Feria. Get into the Feria spirit with me with some Sevillanas music:

Sevillanas from Sefirelly on 8tracks Radio.

3. Rebujito

Rebujito is the traditional Feria beverage, a mix of manzanilla wine and 7-Up. It’s light, delicious, refreshing, and makes everyone just the right amount of lively. Yum.

My friend Karen (borrowing my traje) partaking in rebujito

4. Reuniting with friends

Two of my best friends from last year are kind enough to let me stay with them for the weekend, and hopefully I’ll be meeting up with or running into many more of the people that made last year so unforgettable.

5. Duquesa de Alba sightings

With over a million people in attendance, though she’s a big Feria aficionado, spotting this model of perfection may be difficult, but I’ll still keep my eyes peeled for Mrs. Stunning herself. A girl can only dream about sharing a rebujito and a dance with the most beautiful woman on the planet.

True love.

6. Checking people out

No, not like that. Sevillana women look absolutely stunning in their Feria outfits, and I can’t wait to observe this year’s fashions and fantasize about the trajes I’ll buy when I’m a millionaire and can return to Feria annually with my own custom dresses. I mean, it’s like the fun of picking out your prom or wedding dress, but you get to do it every few years, or every year if you’re really into it! My pockets couldn’t handle being Sevillana, but I certainly could.

Some of this year’s fashions (photo credit)

7. Springtime in Sevilla

If basically every post I’ve ever written didn’t give you the hint, great weather makes me a very, very happy girl. And Sevilla’s April weather is basically perfection. The forecast shows highs in the high 70s and lows in the high 50s for the weekend I’ll be at Feria. No rain, unlike last year, either! Huzzah!

¡Hasta la semana que viene, Feria! ¡Olé!

2 Responses

  1. Gammy says:

    i LOVED IT! jUST WHAT i WANTED TO HEAR! THAT IS SO MUCH FUN AND COLORFUL! Your outfit is beautiful, and so are you! Have lots of fun(for both of us!) I love you! Gammy

    ORFUL! i’m right there! You are so beautiful in your lovely outfit, of course you are already beautiful! Have lots of fun )for both of us!)

  2. Ahh the dance steps were so hard to get! After a bunch of rebujitos I felt like I almost had them last year….and then realized I was probably just drunkly overestimating my abilities.

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