6 Dazzling Travel Dreams to Experience One Day

With most of my life still stretching out ahead of me, I have to say that I’m thrilled with how much travel I’ve been able to accomplish so far. However, the world is massive, and the more I see, the more I want to see. Fortunately, I’ll be taking off on a huge trip in just over a month, which will allow me to tour many of the destinations I’ve been dreaming of for years – the current plan could have me seeing over 25 new countries by the end of the year!

Ollantaytambo, Peru

Oh the amazing things I’ve seen so far! Ollantaytambo, Peru in 2011

While there are plenty of ideas that I’m actively working toward or that should be easy enough to accomplish within the next few years, here are a few of my more grandiose travel dreams that I fantasize about experiencing at least once in my life.

Set foot on Antarctica

I’ve made it to six continents already, but Antarctica still awaits me! Though getting to the frozen wonderland is usually fairly complicated and expensive, I must get there some day. I was in awe of the beauty and remoteness of Alaska when my family took a cruise there when I was about 14, and I imagine Antarctica to be that to the enth degree, like something out of this world.

Antarctica tour

Could this be me? (photo credit)

Own a house in Spain

It’s no secret that Spain is my favorite country in the world, so where better to own a vacation home? Especially considering Spain issues residency to non-EU citizens who invest over €500,000 in property. A cave in the hills of Granada? A hip apartment in Malasaña, Madrid? A whitewashed home in one of Andalucía’s pueblos blancos? A villa overlooking the ocean? The possibilities!

I would not suffer having a house here in Frigiliana, Spain

I would not suffer having a house here in Frigiliana, Spain

Charter a private jet

Oh what a luxurious change this would be from my experience with discount airlines! How neat would it be to have the freedom and flexibility to travel wherever you wanted whenever you wanted? While owning my own plane probably isn’t in the cards, companies like Chapman Freeborn offer private jet charters for that dream trip. Now if only I could narrow down the destination.

Photo courtesy of Chapman Freeborn

Photo courtesy of Chapman Freeborn

Take over a private island

I came pretty darn close to experiencing a private island when I stayed at tiny Beachcomber Island in Fiji last year, but how fun would it be to rent out an entire island for yourself and your closest friends for a week? To run wild in your own little piece of paradise? Bonus points if it’s somewhere tropical.

Beachcomber Island sunrise, Fiji

My brush with a semi-private island in Fiji

Embark on an African safari

Though I can “cross Africa off the list” (if that’s how you look at travel) because I’ve been to Morocco twice, I have yet to see most of the continent. My boss recently returned from a safari in South Africa, and he’s left me feeling inspired to do the same some day. Perhaps it also stems from my childhood obsession with The Lion King, but I’d love to get up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife.

I would NOT mind staying here either (photo credit)

I would NOT mind staying here either (photo credit)

Watch the Northern Lights from a glass igloo

I know I’m not alone in saying seeing the Northern Lights is high on my bucket list. I’m fascinated by lights, colors, and the sky, and I would love to get far north enough to see this phenomenon. And how cooler to see it than by staying in a glass igloo and watching the natural light show from your bed at this Finnish resort?

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland, Northern Lights

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland (photo credit)

Who knows, perhaps I’ll win the Powerball lottery and spend every dollar on travel! There’s nothing more exciting than having dreams to aspire to, and all the better when they’re travel dreams. There’s a big world ahead of me, and I can’t wait to get to it all!

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  1. I say YASSS to #2–heck, why not take another break from the “real world” and auxiliar for another year???…

  2. Events Panda says:

    What an amazing place! The remains look well preserved.
    Adding to my dream list of places to visit.

  3. Owning a private island is high on my things to do too !!! I’ll probably name it Taco Island and make sure every day is Taco Tuesday!

  1. August 25, 2018

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