New Beginning

Hello hello! Welcome to my new Spain blog! I studied abroad in Madrid last year and kept up La Vida Madrileña, but now that I may be going back for more amazing Spain adventures, I figured I’d start fresh. All posts from that blog are crossposted here.

I graduate from UCLA in June and have made no official decisions about what life post-college will be, but it’s very likely I will be returning to my beloved Spain to teach English through the Spanish Ministry of Education’s North American Language and Culture Assistants Program starting in September or October. I know, how could I turn down such an opportunity?

After turning in my initial application in November and rushing to get documents (a health clearance form, an FBI background check, a letter of recommendation, etc.) completed by March (a process that brought me back to the joyful bureaucracy and frustration of getting a student visa in 2009), I was notified that I had been admitted and placed in the autonomous community of Andalucía. I adore Madrid and had an amazing time there, but I’ve also been in love with Andalucía since I first visited in 2006, so I was extremely happy to be placed there, especially after lots of worrying that I would lose my spot in the application “line” by somehow messing up a document. But it all worked out! I haven’t yet been assigned a city or a school, and no one knows exactly when we’ll be hearing from Andalucían government about that, but I’m eager to see where I may be next year.

Like I said, no official decisions have been made yet, but I’m super excited about this opportunity. I look forward to using this blog to express my thoughts on the process, post my favorite pictures/songs/articles/etc. about Spain, and hopefully eventually share my day-to-day adventures living in Spain!

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