So it begins…

I’m here! I’m in Sevilla!

I arrived yesterday afternoon after problem-less flights from L.A. to Madrid and then from Madrid to Sevilla, and I’m now settled into my beautiful hostel in the Triana area, where I’ll be spending the first few nights as I look for an apartment.

Amazingly, after barely sleeping on the flights, I managed to stay up the full day and night yesterday and spent my time wandering around the Triana area, searching for apartments online, and, in keeping with my plan to be more outgoing when it comes to strangers abroad, chatting with fellow guests at my hostel.

Puente de Triana yesterday at dusk, right near my hostel/where I’m hoping to live.

This morning, I visited an apartment that seemed just about perfect for what I’m looking for, although I’m a bit worried about taking the first apartment I saw. But that’s how it happened in Madrid, and it worked out wonderfully, so hopefully the same will happen here! I’m waiting to hear back from my potential future roommate about whether the room is still available, but it would be great to have the apartment hunt done already!

After seeing the apartment, I met up with two girls from my program to sit by the river and chat about our experiences so far and then stopped by the Yoigo store to get a Spanish phone/phone number (if you want my Spanish number, just ask!), and tonight I’m going to dinner at my beloved 100 Montaditos with some other people from my program.

A rather dull entry, but I just wanted to update you all that I’m here, and things are going well! I had anticipated needing some time to readjust to the Spanish lifestyle, but I already feel really comfortable, and I’m falling even more in love with Sevilla than I already was!

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  1. Nana says:

    Looks like things are falling into place perfectly – perfect travel, a seemingly perfect time zone transition and maybe a perfect apartment. I gather from your entry that the apartment is one someone else already rents and your are taking a spare bedroom and sharing the common areas. It looks really lovely there. I definitely have to visit Spain before I am too decrepit! Looking forward to more postings soon. Love you lots!

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