Tan Pronto

As I’m writing this post, I should definitely be working on my 20-page research paper due Thursday (about art of the Spanish Civil War! see how Spain pervades my life?), but odds are that my placement letter is sitting in my mailbox at home right now, so I am eagerly awaiting a call from my mom after she gets home from work letting me know what city I will probably call home next year. NERVES. ANXIETY. OHMYGAH.

I’m also procrastinating by reading my sister’s Peru travel blog. She just arrived there for two-months of volunteering in the tiny town of Ollantaytambo (thanks to her absurdly generous scholarship), and reading her excitement over living in a new land is getting me incredibly psyched for my potential year in Andalucía. And, at the end of her stay, I get to visit her before we fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina together!

Art of the Spanish Civil War, you’re an incredibly interesting topic, but you’re totally being overshadowed right now. Can’t wait to receive my placement letter and begin researching the city like mad! Joooooder.

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