5 Haunted Forests That Will Give You Goosebumps

While the Southern Hemisphere’s blossoming flowers and sunny weather may not be putting me in Halloween spirits (pun intended) as much the chilly, dark evenings I’m used to in October would, it’s still one of my very favorite holidays. Today’s spooky guest post has me dying (intended again) to explore some of the world’s most haunted forests.

5 Haunted Forests That Will Give You Goosebumps
Halloween is nigh, and its entourage of ghosts and goblins is preparing to descend on your neighborhood in search of sugary treats. But where do the paranormal citizens reside when they aren’t hoarding sweets or pelting houses with eggs? Continue reading  

London Calling Once More

London just couldn’t keep me away last year. With my sister spending a semester there and me only a short hop away, I met up with my dad’s side of the family there, only to join my mom there two weeks later.

Now basically a pro at navigating the Madrid to London flightpath and the London Underground, I arrived on a Thursday night and caught up with my mom and sister in our hotel near my sister’s apartmentnear Bedford Square. Friday, we set out to continue my exploration of London, wandering the streets, all decked out in their Christmas finest, and having lunch in a traditional British pub before returning to the Houses of Parliament for another tour from my VIP/Parliament intern sister.

London, England

London, you’re lovely.

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I See London, I See France…

Fun fact: at age six, I lost my first two teeth on the same day, the first in London, and the second, hours later, as I bit into a hot dog in front of the Notre Dame in Paris. At age twenty-three, I returned to the same cities for a weekend away from Spain, although, spoiler alert: no teeth were lost this time. (Phew?)

Paris family photo

In Paris at age six with my grandparents, cousins, and sister

My sister spent last year’s fall semester studying abroad in London, so my dad’s family – my dad, stepmom, and three little siblings – arranged to visit her, and I, just a few hours away in Madrid, flew in to meet them. This made my fourth trip to London (the fifth would come two weeks later!), and I’ll admit Continue reading  

London’s Best Beach Destinations

London is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, a spot I’ve had the chance to visit five times throughout the years. Today’s post was written by Ellen Nicola, who, with the much-awaited arrival of summer, shares her knowledge of the best beaches in the London area. Enjoy!

England's Best Beach Destinations
London is among the best planned cities in the world. It has tons to offer to its residents as well as visitors. It has fantastic hotels and resorts that visitors can book for holidays, great shopping spots, museums, and many other tourist attractions. Locals and visitors can also take a break from the city’s busy environment and visit the various beautiful beaches around England. The following are some of the amazing beaches that are within reach of London. Continue reading  

2012: Another Travel-Filled Year In Review

I’ve been extremely fortunate in my 23 (almost 24, gasp!) years of life to travel all over the world. With 2012 at an end, it’s time again to reflect on this past year and all the fabulous opportunities I’ve had.

I kicked off the year at home in California, where I spent a wonderful two weeks reconnecting with friends and family, eating mountains of American food, and visiting all my favorite Los Angeles spots. But soon, I headed back to my beloved Spain to finish my year of teaching in Villarrasa and rediscover beautiful Sevilla.

The aftermath of my favorite New Year’s Eve tradition: driving down the Rose Parade route and getting silly stringed, marshmallowed, and shaving creamed by those camping out for the parade.

I ventured to nearby Cádiz to celebrate Carnaval, basically an absurd, giant Continue reading  

London + Stonehenge Summer Solstice Festival

Believe it or not, more than a year later, I still haven’t finished writing about my 2009-2010 trips, and also believe it or not, I do plan to finish posting about them! Only two more to go, and then I only have to wait a few short months before my European adventures begin again.

Some time way back in April (2010! if you can remember that long ago!), my friend Robin and I were IMing (as I communicated with most of my friends in Spain, since texting/calling was so expensive), and she told me about a festival she had stumbled upon, the Stonehenge Summer Solstice Festival, wherein druids, hippies, and, as we found out later, lots of drunk teenagers, spend the night at Stonehenge and watch the sun rise through the stones in the morning. We mused that it would be quite the epic experience and then realized, um, duh, we were in Spain. Stonehenge was just a short flight away. Why not go? Continue reading